Arm and Scanner Calibrations from Manchester Metrology

Instrument calibration is one of the primary processes used to maintain instrument accuracy. Calibration refers to the act of evaluating and adjusting the precision and accuracy of measurement equipment and is intended to eliminate or reduce bias in an instrument’s readings over a range for all continuous values.
Manchester Metrology LTD is a pioneer and innovator of metrology offering specialist contract measurement services using the latest metrology technology and equipment. We offer a wide range of calibrated equipment for hire including Faro Arms, Laser Trackers, Laser Scanners, Faro Focus X330 and the Einscan Pro with a range of software and mounting options also available.

Manchester Metrology also offers a full calibration service of Arms and Scanners. Although the exact procedure may vary from product to product, the calibration process generally involves using the instrument to test samples of one or more known values called “calibrators.” The results are used to establish a relationship between the measurement technique used by the instrument and the known values. The process in essence “teaches” the instrument to produce results that are more accurate than those that would occur otherwise.

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