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How 3D Scanning Bolsters the Safety of Driverless Cars

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A fundamental problem with self-driving cars lies in how the cars sense their surroundings and adapt their driving accordingly. (more…)

National Apprenticeship Week 2018

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05/03/2018 – 09/03/2018 is National Apprenticeship Week. Apprenticeships have grown significantly over the recent years with participation now standing at a record level – there were 491,300 apprenticeship starts in the 2016 to 2017 academic year of which 121,250 (24.6%) were under 19. The traditional idea of university being the best route to take after college is now debatable. There are far more opportunities than people realise in apprenticeships, opportunities that will open numerous doors for you, setting you up on a stable career path of constant progression. Creative media, business administration, construction, beauty therapy, accountancy and telecommunications are just a few of the pathways on offer. There is almost an apprenticeship for any industry and each year more and more industries get involved with taking on apprentices.

In 2017, Manchester Metrology recruited their very first apprentice. With the company rapidly expanding and the office become rather fast paced it was essential to keep the marketing consistent, so Paul Bulman, the director of Manchester Metrology, looked into recruiting a digital marketing apprentice and with the help of The Apprentice Academy this was a very simple process. The new apprentice, Sanya Majid, began her apprenticeship working for Manchester Metrology and with it coming to the end of National Apprenticeship Week, she would like to discuss her experience so far.

national apprenticeship week


Sanya Majid – Digital Marketing Apprentice

When I was finishing high school a lot of my peers were certain of what their future career paths would be. The typical, go to college, get their A Levels and head off to University. This idea never appealed to me, I didn’t quite like the idea of additional academic years when I could go straight out into the world of work and begin making a living as opposed to getting myself into a ridiculous amount of debt. Off I went to college hoping that once achieving my A Levels I would have a better idea of where I was going in life.

Half way through my first year, still very uncertain and becoming frustrated by the uncertainty of my future, I attended a career fair held at the college. Here I learned a lot more about the apprenticeships on offer. I had assumed apprenticeships were very specific and limited but when I came across the Digital Marketing Apprentice I was certain of where I wanted to go after college. Having already had a passion for online promoting and running my own blog I knew that this apprenticeship was ideal for me. To get paid to do what I enjoy doing everyday sounded like the perfect path for me and to no longer need to deal with the stress of an academic lifestyle yet still earn a qualification was a bonus!

After 2 successful assessment days with the Apprentice Academy, some interview training and the actual interview itself; I landed myself in a digital marketing role at Manchester Metrology. 8 months into my apprenticeship now, I have gained a significant amount of skills. I believe I have learnt a lot more in such a short period of time than I would have done if I took the path to university.

The most impacting part of my apprenticeship was coming into an engineering company. Having no experience with Faro Arms, probe kits or Laser trackers I was nervous but excited to learn something completely new. Thanks to the support from my mentor at The Apprentice Academy and my mentor in my place of work I have been able to excel rapidly and confidently, allowing me to fit well into my role and industry. There are no limits to learning with an apprenticeship. Not only have I progressed in my digital marketing skills and knowledge, but I have also been given the opportunity attend business exhibitions to be in an atmosphere that has helped my confidence in marketing and people skills. I have also been given the chance to learn a lot more about a completely different department, finance, from being given the trust and opportunity to help with order processing, invoicing, providing quotes etc. This has allowed me to gain even more knowledge about the technical jargon within this industry and overall if it was not for the availability of apprenticeships I would not have gained so much knowledge in such a short period of time elsewhere.

One of the successful projects I have worked on so far was around Christmas time last year. It was my job to get together 2,000 addresses and put together promotional packs to send out to current and potential customers with calendars for the new year. I had a set deadline to have all packs addressed and sent out by. When a few engineers were in the office I took it upon myself to organise some team work and have each of them doing a set task to complete the promotional packs, this helped me get more packs labelled whilst they filled them and met the deadline. By doing this not only did I develop on my teamwork ability but also leadership skills, it has improved my confidence in leading future tasks. This is another opportunity that has only come to me because of the availability of apprenticeships.

A project I am currently working on is a Metrology Networking Event we are holding at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester alongside Faro, Optimax and Renishaw. I was given the responsibility of arranging a viewing for the venue beforehand which has now been confirmed and this has led to me participating in conference calls as the event planning continues up until the event. Being given this sense of responsibility is really helping me progress in my apprenticeship. I look forward to seeing this project out and hopefully the open house event turns out to be a great success.

Thanks to this apprenticeship I look forward to where the career path of digital marketing will take me once I have completed the course. Having learnt so many skills so far, I am excited to see how many more I will gain between now and the end of the apprenticeship. I feel as though I have a better insight into my future now than I would have if I had attended university. I am grateful for the amazing team at Manchester Metrology that have helped me along this journey so far and made being in a work environment so much more enjoyable and The Apprentice Academy for making the process of finding an apprenticeship best suited to me so simple.


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Solving Crimes With 3D Scanning

Posted on: February 15th, 2018 by Steven No Comments

One of the many benefits surrounding the use of laser scanners is the ability to create detailed models of inspection areas; this is especially vital when trying to detail the layout of a crime scene. (more…)

Metrology Industry Trends for 2018

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With the number of applications for metrology continually growing, the use of 3D scanners has increased for a number of industries, helping to streamline manufacturing and engineering processes. (more…)

The Future of 3D Scanning: The Effects on Industrial Quality Control

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With customers continuing to demand high-quality products, the 3D scanning industry is adapting manufacturing processes to improve efficiency and accuracy. (more…)

Reducing Sports Injuries With Metrology

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American football is quickly becoming one of the most popular sports around the world, with 2017’s SuperBowl game alone attracting over 172 million viewers. (more…)

Metrology Scanners Help Reveal The Secrets Of The Past

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Many industries, such as the automotive and construction sectors, have been taking advantage of the precise measurement capabilities offered from metrology equipment and 3D scanners. (more…)

Using 3D Scanning in the Automotive Industry

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The automotive industry has grown massively over the past 50 years, with more of us behind the wheel than ever, car manufacturers are diversifying their range to suit our every requirement. Some automotive companies have even expanded into other vehicle types such as lorries, motorbikes and buses. As more models are added, the manufacturing process has to adapt, gone are the days when one factory fabricated one model of car.  Today, flexible production of multiple models allows car manufacturers to meet the growing demands of the public.

3D scanning is revolutionising the automotive industry; metrology equipment is helping to digitalise the production line to allow production all around the globe. Metrology experts have recently used scanners during production to create three-dimensional live images of operation facilities. These images can then be compared to visualise the different production processes for each model of vehicle. This method updates and refines production plans, a vast improvement over previous methods which used polystyrene models to identify changes and obstacles. Another benefit of using 3D scanners is the ability to measure hard to reach areas, such as the tunnels used to dry the paintwork for the vehicles.

Improvements in the manufacturing process allows construction to be replicated in factories all around the world, allowing factories to produce more than one model in-house. The use of 3D scanners not only allowes precise measurement but also contributes to the movement towards full automated processes. 3D scanning and metrology technology continues to revolutionise industries, with many expecting 3D scanners to soon be incorporated into mobile robots who will constantly scan their environment throughout the assembly line.

Manchester Metrology is a market leader in the inspection of engineered components.  It offers metrology support throughout the UK and worldwide, in the measurement of engineered components for both indoor and outdoor 3D measurements. Manchester Metrology offers laser scanner equipment hire; they stock a wide range of calibrated measurement equipment for hire including Faro arms, laser trackers, laser scanners, Faro Focus X330 and the Einscan Pro.

In addition to equipment hire, Manchester Metrology also has a vast range of probes, mounting options and accessories for your metrology equipment and offers both onsite and offsite training on a variety of the latest software such as CAM2, Measure 10, Polyworks, Geomagic, Aberlink, Declam and PowerInspect.

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