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How do 3D laser scanners work?

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3D laser scanning is a technique used to capture the shape of an object using a line of laser light. The non-contact, non-destructive technology of 3D laser scanning creates “point clouds” of data from the surface of an object. These pockets of data result in a 3D file that can be saved, edited or even printed into a 3D object.
With the ability to measure minute details and capture free-form shapes, 3D laser scanning is well suited to the measurement and inspection of the most complex of geometrics. Not only do these require a substantial amount of data to be accurately represented, measuring such difficult shapes is highly impractical with the use of traditional methods.

The process of measuring and capturing an object with 3D laser scanning begins with the acquisition of data. First, an object is placed on the bed of a digitiser where a laser probe is driven around its surface using specialised software. This laser probe projects a line of laser light onto the surface of the object while 2 sensor cameras record the laser line in three dimensions as it changes distance and shape moving along the object.

The resulting data appear as “point clouds” on a PC as the laser continues on its course, capturing the entire surface of the object along the way. Depending on the object size, the process can be complete in just a matter of seconds. Up to 750,000 points can be collected per second, all with pin-point accuracy. Once the vast point cloud data files are created, they can be merged into one 3D representation of the object and post-processed with various software packages depending on the specific application. An example of which could be for inspection purposes, in particular the comparison of the scanned object to CAD nominal data. Laser scanning also constitutes as the fastest and most accurate way of acquiring 3D digital data in reverse engineering. With the help of specialised software, the point cloud data can be used to create 3D CAD models of a particular shape or a parts geometry.

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3D Scanning in the medical sector

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The use of 3D scanning in the medical sector has only just become a widespread practice over the last few years yet its impact on patient care has been profound. These innovative devices deliver unrivalled capabilities in patient diagnosis and treatment by capturing accurate 3D measurements of the human body quickly and hassle-free. Due to the highly accurate measurements provided, patients can be properly diagnosed much earlier and receive medical products that are customised to fill their unique needs.

The use of 3D scanning in the medical sector has arguably had its greatest impact on cases when contact with the patient’s body is not possible i.e. fragile injuries. Contact remains on one of the most common methods for delivering a diagnosis therefore for cases when this is not possible, arriving at a true diagnosis can be extremely difficult. The arrival of 3D scanning has however made the treatment of vulnerable patients much easier and more accessible. With the use of non-contact scanners, medical practitioners are now able to capture measurements of a patient’s body without any form contact. This now means that patients with the most fragile of injuries can finally be diagnosed accurately and offered effective treatments that are custom to their requirements.

The use of 3D scanning has been seen to span across the entire spectrum of the medical sector. In the dental care for example, 3D scanning devices have proven useful for designing common applications such as: metal braces, mouth of teeth guards and retainers. Due to the accuracy of the scanners, these applications can be tailored to each patient to ensure effortless fitting and maximum comfort.

Even for the most severe of cases, 3D scanners have been revolutionary for patient care in hospitals. The capabilities of the most advanced scanners have opened a whole new world of opportunity for the treatment of patients that have undergone amputation. For those that require prosthetics or artificial limbs as a result of their injuries, 3D scanners can be used so that every requirement is measured with pin-point accuracy during the design phase. In addition to this, these innovative appliances are also being used to develop specially designed facemasks that can help treat patients with differing types of facial burns.

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Track Santa This Christmas Eve!

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Metrology to Benefit from Change in Kilogram Measurement

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Since 1889, the yardstick for measuring a ‘kilogram’ has been set by Le Grand K, a small cylinder of titanium alloy which is held in a triple locked vault. (more…)

3-D Scanning in Construction

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The use of 3-D scanning in the construction industry has revolutionised the way projects are being designed, planned and implemented. Their advanced capabilities are enabling construction projects to run more effectively whilst also saving companies time and money. (more…)

3D Scanning’s role in the 3D Printing Boom

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3D scanning and 3D printing have never been more accessible. Lo-fi methods have brought the technologies to the masses with mobile apps and self-replicating 3D printers, bringing the costs down dramatically.


Perfecting Packaging: 3D Scanners in the Food Industry

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For any food manufacturer, finding the right packaging is equally as important as finding the tastiest recipe. (more…)

How 3D Scanning Bolsters the Safety of Driverless Cars

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A fundamental problem with self-driving cars lies in how the cars sense their surroundings and adapt their driving accordingly – Scanning can be used to resolve this. (more…)

Solving Crimes With 3D Scanning

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One of the many benefits surrounding the use of laser scanners is the ability to create detailed models of inspection areas; this is especially vital when trying to detail the layout of a crime scene. (more…)

Metrology Industry Trends for 2018

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With the number of applications for metrology continually growing, the use of 3D scanners has increased for a number of industries, helping to streamline manufacturing and engineering processes. (more…)