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Metrology Industry Trends for 2018

With the number of applications for metrology continually growing, the use of 3D scanners has increased for a number of industries, helping to streamline manufacturing and engineering processes. At the end of 2015, it was reported that the metrology industry was worth $8.8 billion, a figure that is expected to grow by 4.7% in the coming years. Industry experts expect that the metrology industry will be worth a staggering $11.1 billion by 2020, largely due to its wide range of uses throughout many sectors. The benefits of inspection through metrology technology has revolutionised the manufacturing process, heavily equating for the market increase. The aerospace industry, like manufacturing, uses 3D scanners to create rapid prototypes, creating accurate and reliable models. With continuous innovation in metrology, we predict the latest metrology trends for 2018.

Metrology equipment has become an essential tool for archaeologists, helping to create detailed 3D models of artefacts. This prevents damage of artefacts from handling and transport during analysis. Faro technologies have been used across the globe to reveal hidden information on past civilisations. One project on the Egyptian mummy Sherit helped reveal the age and cause of death of the famous remains. Another project used inspection apparatus to map the inner structures of the 4,500-year-old Great Pyramid; this would have been impossible without using the spatial analyzers. With the number of researchers using metrology technology to gather historical data continuing to increase, it is predicted that there will be numerous archaeological discoveries in 2018.

Other industries looking to incorporate metrology into everyday practice is construction and architecture, utilising the land surveying features to help remap project sites. Architects are able to create visual 3D models to display designs, rather than relying on limited 2D blueprints. As the technology produces precise measurements, projects can be completed with accuracy and require less field work and maintenance after construction has completed. With inspection technology like the Faro Focus becoming more affordable, many firms are implementing laser scanners into everyday practice, a trend that is predicted to continue into 2018.

Handheld 3D scanners continue to be adopted by the medical sector, in particular dentists and orthodontists, who use the technology to create a digital replica of a patient’s mouth. Other medical professionals, such as doctors and surgeons, use laser probes to monitor damage and ailments, resulting in an overall improvement in personalised treatments for patients. It is predicted that 2018 will see 3D scanning used at a conventional level, one example includes general practices using scanners to assess bone damage and prescribing temporary medicine when necessary to reduce numbers visiting hospitals. 3D scanning improves on current scanning methods and requires less training so is becoming an attractive option for healthcare professionals.

As previously mentioned, the manufacturing industry is the industry reaping the largest benefits from metrology equipment. Smaller firms are now able to produce prototype models in-house, allowing a more efficient progression to the mass production stage. With multiple Faro UK instruments and Faro accessories available, inspection has now become an affordable option for many UK manufacturers. Manchester Metrology offers a range of training in the latest metrology software including Geomagic, CAM2 Measure 10 and Polyworks, working with a range of companies to incorporate 3D scanners into their everyday processes. It is expected the manufacturing industry will continue to be the biggest advocate for metrology throughout 2018, moving towards an automated Industry 4.0.

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