Portable Gage Arm – Inch

LNL 24″ Docking Plate for 3D Gage

The 24 x 12″ Docking Rail is for use with portable Gage fixture systems.  Add Loc-N-Load™ interlocking fixture plates which quickly secure and release with the use of magnets.  Add multiple fixtures to speed up inspections on the floor.

LNL-DOCK-2412 24 x 12″ Docking Plate


24 X 12” Aluminum Docking Plate- .5 thick Aluminum Docking Rail for Portable Gage fixtures.  Mount gage arm onto the dock and start inspecting with the interlocking fixture plates.  Add fixture plates or work holding clamps as needed.

Portable CMM (Gage Arms) Bundle

Pre-configured for all portable gage arms and laser trackers.  1/2″ thick clear anodized aluminum, 1 x 1″ hole pattern, 1/4-20 thread.

(1)  24 x 12″ Base Plate,
(2)  6 x 6″ Loc-N-Load™ Plates,
(2)  6 x 12″ Loc-N-Load™ Plates,
(1) 12 x 18″ Loc-N-Load™ Plate,
(1) Angle Plate,
(1) TR-KIT-02, Complete Kit, 69-pc work holding kit.


Further enhance the value of  your portable 3D CMMs with the LEAN, quick-swap Loc-N-Load™ fixture system. Install the gage onto the Loc-N-Load™ base and start inspecting. Interlocking fixture plates quickly secure and release with the use of magnets creating highly repeatable setups.

Create multiple fast-swap setups for your gage arm!

Ready-made   interlocking plates make low-cost fixtures.

Inspect more parts per shift, even with less-skilled inspectors.

Easily access your granite.

Use as  dedicated tooling—add to job box.

Get started with a pre-configured bundle and add plates as work requires.  Shop floor inspection fixturing need not be expensive – employ Loc-N-Load™ quick-swap fixturing.

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