Manchester Metrology LTD are pioneers and innovators of metrology offering specialist contract measurement services using the latest metrology technology and equipment. Offering support across the UK and worldwide our attention to detail and helpful attitude towards our customers are among the many positive attributes which distinguish the company as a benchmark metrology company.

Faro Arm Inspection

At Manchester Metrology our team of engineers are highly trained in the use of Faro arms providing onsite inspection services and support in many industries such as Oil & Gas, Automotive, Aerospace and  Rail.

Laser Scanning

Faro V6 LLP Hire

With our non contact HD Laser Scanners we can provide a CAD comparison service with detailed reports to suit customer requirements and also offer a Reverse Engineering service to produce true to form 3D data in .stl file formats and also full parametric CAD modeling in multiple file formats.

Laser Tracker Inspection

Using our Faro Vantage/ION Laser trackers, our skilled engineers are able to measure accurately large scale objects such as Jigs & Fixtures, Machined Components, Fabrications, Tooling and many other engineering processes.

Portable Arm and CMM Reverification

Faro Arm Recertification

Manchester Metrology LTD offer a portable measurement Arm or Gage Re-Certification service. The arm can be calibrated on your site or can be shipped to our temperature controlled facility where it will be temperature soaked overnight ready for a full clean and inspection service with a full 12 month calibration certificate (traceable to National UKAS standards)


Whether you’re looking for a refresher, or are totally new to metrology, our experienced trainers have a structured course to suit your engineering processes/requirements, offering onsite or offsite tuition for up to 6 people on a variety of softwares such as CAM2 measure 10, Polyworks and geomagic.

CMM Inspection

Our Xtreme CNC CMM stored in a temperature controlled environment provides a robust solution for precision inspection results. The unique CMM’s advantageous configuration ensures that it maintains its accuracy at very fast measurement rates and does not suffer from the accumulative inaccuracies that occur in conventional 3-axis Cartesian designs.