Manchester Metrology approved supplier for REFLECON®

Manchester Metrology is now an approved supplier of REFLECON®. REFLECON tarnish matting agents have been developed to dull reflecting, mirroring, transparent or dark surfaces for the 3D optical measurement technique (known as laser scanning).  

This 3D laser scanning spray allows a quick and exact non-contact measurement of complex geometrics. For an optimal measurement of reflecting, mirroring, transparent or dark surfaces a matting agent is applied beforehand. 

For this application two different REFLECON product types are available: 

REFLECON® tarnish type 1 for volatile matting agents (sublimating) and REFLECON® tarnish type 2 for non-volatile matting agents. The optical 3D laser measurement is used especially in the following sectors: Automotive, Aerospace, Engineering, General industrial use, Medical engineering and Art and Culture. In these sectors the measurement is performed in the following areas: Optical testing and measuring technology, Research & Development, Quality Control, Surface inspection and Process monitoring.

REFLECON® tarnish matting agents are suitable for the following materials: Metal and non-metal,  Thermoplastic resins  (PC, PP, PU or ABS),  Glass, Ceramic, Polyester, cotton , PLA fabrics, Single-component lacquer coatings, plastics, rubber.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact a member of our team for more information.

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