What impact is 3D printing having on our lives?

How do 3D printers work?

Digital printers can turn a digital file into a real-life three-dimensional object. They do this by printing layer by layer, until the object is finished.

So, what impact is 3D printing having on our lives?

3D printing technology can be used in almost every industry in the world. Because it is so resourceful, a lot of investment has gone into researching this technology. This technology has advanced and grown massively over the last decade, from designing and developing prototypes from scratch, to creating parts and products very quickly.

This has proven to be a huge step forward, as this technology as made things so much easier for all kinds of industries.

It is fair to say 3D printing is quite literally changing our whole lives. It is changing the way things are designed, produced and replaced.

Customisation – 3D technology will make it easier to customise a product, even before buying it. We can design it, customise it to our exact specifications and then have it 3D printed and delivered right to our door. Products can be tailored to suit the preferences of whoever is buying it. It is also a possibility to have your own 3D printing machine, where you can design and print things yourself.

Better lives – When used in the medical field, 3D printing will increase the quality of life. Things like bone implants, prosthetics, organs and even devices used by dentists can be customised to fit the exact needs of an individual. It can also reduce costs and time during research so this can allow new discoveries in this field to happen quicker.

Innovation – With 3D printing, things will become more accessible and everything will be designed at a faster pace. Because this technology reduces the time of production, designers will be able to focus more on the functionality of the product. There will be no need for so much testing and trialling, as changes can be made on the spot.

Manchester Metrology Ltd is a leading supplier of metrology equipment including 3D scanners, 3D trackers and 3D printers. Manchester Metrology has 4 top of the range 3D printers available to hire or use as a service – these include Project 460 Plus, Figure 4, Fabpro 1000 and Markforged 2.

The Mark 2 is a 3D printer for serious engineering and manufacturing applications. This is the first 3D printer in the world capable of printing composite materials with a heat deflection temperature of 140°C. So, in addition to being able to reinforce nylon parts with continuous strands of carbon fibre, Kevlar and regular fibreglass, you can now reinforce parts with high-temperature materials like polycarbonate.

Manchester Metrology Ltd also supplies a new generation of scanners. The HandySCAN BLACK™ | Elite hand-held scanners continue to be the reference stand in professional, metrology grade portable 3D scanning. Now in its 3rd generation, the new HandySCAN BLACK™ | Elite has been optimized to meet the needs of design, manufacturing and metrology professionals looking for the most effective and reliable way to acquire 3D measurements of physical objects anywhere.

You can read more about all our products and services here, or please call us on 0161 637 8744.

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