3D Technology at the Cutting Edge of Automotive Manufacturing and Parts

Advances in 3D printing have been radically transforming manufacturing – and nowhere more than in the automotive sector, where 3D technology means the hugely faster and more efficient precision manufacturing and supply of vehicle parts.

Some of the keys ways that 3D metrology has impacted on the automotive sector include:

  • Vastly Reduced Measuring Times

3D metrology has reduced measuring times by up to 50% in some areas of automotive tool-making, assembly and production.

  • Much Faster, Smoother Quality Control

The automotive sector is currently undergoing its biggest ever transformation due to the race to lower emissions, and electric vehicles are naturally where the greatest advances are being made. Lightweight construction is key for electric vehicles, since every extra kilogram reduces range. With significantly fewer parts than their non-electric counterparts (typically 200 as opposed to over 1,000 in petrol or diesel vehicles), there’s also a move towards fewer tools used in their manufacture, further lowering emissions.

Quality control is crucial in lightweight construction materials, especially when it comes to vehicle bodies. While traditional tactile measuring systems can result in frustrating bottlenecks, automated 3D metrology means that entire vehicle bodies can be scanned very rapidly and without blind spots. Faster scanning means that any necessary interventions can also be performed much more quickly, resulting in significantly fewer delays from design right through to assembly.

Manchester Metrology is a market leader in the inspection of engineered components, offering metrology support throughout the UK and worldwide for both indoor and outdoor 3D measurements. Manchester Metrology offers laser scanner equipment hire, stocking a wide range of calibrated measurement equipment including laser trackers, laser scanners and the Einscan Pro.

Manchester Metrology also has a vast range of probes, mounting options and accessories for your metrology equipment and offers both onsite and offsite training on a variety of the latest software such as CAM2, Measure 10, Polyworks, Geomagic, Aberlink, Declam and PowerInspect.

In addition, Manchester Metrology Ltd is also a leading supplier of metrology equipment including 3D scanners, 3D trackers and 3D printers. Manchester Metrology has 4 top of the range 3D printers available to hire or use as a service – these include Project 460 Plus, Figure 4, Fabpro 1000 and Markforged 2.

For more information please call us on 0161 637 8744.

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