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3D Printing: Breaking New Barriers in World Medicine

Posted on: March 16th, 2020 by Steven No Comments

3D printing is revolutionizing so many sectors – here, we take a look at the huge changes being brought globally by 3D technology in the field of medicine, where computer-generated design is resulting in 3D objects that are really changing lives at the front line of medicine, to the extent that healthcare is the field set to drive the huge growth of 3D printing technology going forwards.

In the Netherlands, surgeons have already been able to replace the entire top section of a patient’s skull using a customized printed polymer implant; similar replacement cranium parts have also been employed in other countries, with FDA approval.

3D printing is being used to manufacture expensive or otherwise unavailable essential medical equipment in the developing world – in Haiti, for example, umbilical chord clamps are already being 3D printed for hospitals. In fact, 3D printing’s finest moment could be in significantly reducing health inequalities worldwide.

Did you know that even blood vessels can be 3D printed? Researchers at Harvard University designed a 3D printer that uses dissolving ink to create tissue with skin cells interwoven with structural material that can potentially function as blood vessels.

Making prosthetics is notoriously expensive and time-consuming, with the added difficulty that any required modifications to the prosthetic render the original molds useless. But researchers in Toronto have now used 3D printing technology to produce inexpensive and customizable prosthetic sockets for patients in Uganda and other countries in the developing world. Meanwhile, a California-based R&D company has used 3D printers in Sudan, training local people to operate the equipment then create and fit inexpensive prosthetics.

Researchers at Cornell University have 3D printed intervertebral discs used in the treatment of patients with major spinal complications, having already created ear molds using 3D photos of real ears, which held the shape of the ear while cells grew their extra-cellular matrix. Meanwhile, a team at Princeton have 3D printed a collagen ear with built-in electronic components.

In the field of drug distribution, University of Glasgow researchers are working on a 3D printer that will be able to assemble chemical compounds at the molecular level, allowing patients to buy a blueprint and chemical ink online and then print the drug at home.

In the USA, the epilepsy drug Spritam became the world’s first FDA-approved 3D-printed pill, notable also for its alternate layers of powder and liquid giving it a very fast dissolution rate which was unattainable through conventional manufacturing.

At Nottingham University, meanwhile, researchers have been able to 3D-print one ‘polypill’ containing five different drugs.

Blueprints or apps could now be the future of drug distribution, with pharmacies becoming 3D printing medicine hubs.

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Measure Anything Event 2020

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A 4th Measure Anything Event is coming up and once again Manchester Metrology is proud to be co-hosting it alongside many other Metrology companies. This year we are working together with PolyWorks, Wenzel, Reflecon, Peli, GTMA, Bruker alicona, Optimax, 3D Systems, Measurement Solutions and Aberlink to bring to you a fantastic networking opportunity. This event will be at the Etihad Stadium (Manchester City Football Ground) on the 4th of June 2020.

Register today and join us at the event to chat with industry experts about top of the range equipment. Live demonstrations and complimentary refreshments will be available.