3-D Scanning in Construction

The use of 3-D scanning in the construction industry has revolutionised the way projects are being designed, planned and implemented. Their advanced capabilities are enabling construction projects to run more effectively whilst also saving companies time and money. Many modern building projects are renovations and redevelopments that are without up-to-date maintenance documents on the facility. Normally this would hinder the planning of a project, however, with the use of a laser scanner, the complete data gathered can provide the required information on the conditions of a building meaning no time is lost at the planning stage.

Furthermore, 3-D scanners have proven to be a particularly handy tool for saving companies time and money once projects have been completed.

Reworks usually account for 15% of the total cost of a construction project. With the use of a laser scanning, this figure can be reduced to as low as 1% as it can identify conflicts before they happen. As a result, projects have the benefit of staying on schedule whilst achieving vast savings on change orders.

As a result, companies can make huge savings on their construction costs with the use of their 3-D scanner during the pre-construction phase. Prefabrication and management of MEP systems installation with the use of 3-D scanning have consistently contributed to companies saving money on rework costs.

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