3D Printing

Manchester Metrology have 4 top of the range 3D printers available to hire or use as a service. 3D scanning and 3D printing have never been more accessible.

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Projet 460 Plus

Incorporating advanced 3-channel CMY full-color 3D printing and integrated cleaning station, the ProJet CJP 460Plus operates with safe build materials, active dust control and zero liquid waste, making it an ideal office companion for a wide range of applications. The ColorJet printing technology allows the fastest print speeds, 5x–10x faster than all other technologies, to deliver models in hours, not days. Its high throughput supports an entire department with ease.

Figure 4

Quick and easy material changeover allows for functional prototyping and production applications diversity with the same printer. Featuring a manual material feed, it is augmented with separate post-processing units available for cleaning, drying and curing. Achieve same-day functional prototyping and low volume production with ultra-high speeds.

Fabpro 1000

Simply produce models in hours, not days with the FabPro 1000. Compared to other 3D printing systems, the FabPro 1000 can create higher-quality parts with precision and smooth finish at up to three-times-faster high-throughput print speeds.  How? This piece of technology uses a projector to image each layer for easy and precise printing, with the ability to build several smaller parts on a single platform for increased productivity.

Markforged 2

The Mark Two is a 3D printer for serious engineering and manufacturing applications. This is the first 3D printer in the world capable of printing composite materials with a heat deflection temperature of 140°C. So in addition to being able to reinforce nylon parts with continuous strands of carbon fibre, Kevlar and regular fibreglass, you can now reinforce parts with high-temperature materials like polycarbonate.

Photocentric Liquid Crystal Magna 3D Printer

Next generation of innovation

The Liquid Crystal Magna delivers the ideal combination of a large build volume with accurate printing making it the right tool for custom mass manufacture. Casting, prototyping, dental aligners, automotive, figurines and more! Offering highly accurate and detailed parts in record time at a revolutionary scale, the LC Magna is tailored for every industry.

Revolutionise your custom mass manufacturing with the LC Magna’s breathtakingly large platform design, maximize your 3D potential with the LC Magna at your disposal. Build Volume 510 (W) X 280 (D) X 350 (H) mm.

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