CAM2 Measure X1

CAM2 Measure X1

CAM2 Measure X specializes in feature measurement/inspection and CAD-to-part comparison, where every measured part can be compared to engineering design files. In real-world tests, CAM2 Measure X exceeds the performance capability of any other CAD-based measurement software on the market. The new version of the program allows users load and render very large files faster than any other program – regardless of the system. The superior file-handling capability also empowers users to deal with entire CAD files.

Manchester Metrology offer CAM2 Measure X1 software available for hire and also offer 2 day training courses for up to 6 people.



– Simple Go/No-Go Measurements

– CAD-to-Part Comparisons

– Full Functioned Feature Measurement

– Repeat Part Programming

– CAM2 SPC Graph SPC Reporting

Common Applications


Aerospace: Alignment, Tooling & Mold Certification, Part Inspection

Automotive: Tool Building & Certification, Alignment, Part Inspection Metal

Fabrication: OMI, First article inspection, Periodic Part Inspection

Molding/Tool & Die: Mold and Die Inspection, Prototype Part Scanning



Platform: Windows® 2000 • Windows® XP

Data Input: Included – IGES, ASCII, VDA/FS & ACL • Optional – Unigraphics, Solidworks, Parasolid, CATIA, Solid Edge, ProE & Inventor

Data Output: IGES

Languages: English • French • German • Spanish • Italian • Japanese • Portuguese • Chinese

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