3D Scanners

Creaform HandyScan Black

This fast and versatile patented handheld 3D scanner is easy-to-use and generates highly accurate and repeatable results – even in difficult environments and with complex surfaces.

3D scanning soultion

Creaform MetraScan750 Elite

With its extendable measuring volume, incredible speed, shop-floor accuracy and impressive capabilities on challenging materials, the MetraSCAN 3D represents the most complete metrology-grade 3D scanner on the market.

MetraScan750 Elite

Creaform C-Track™ | Elite

The combination of the arm-free handheld MetraSCAN 3D scanning system & the C-Track dual-camera sensor forms a unique duo that generates the most accurate measurements in the laboratory or on the shop-floor.

creamform c-track

Creaform HandyScan

The HandySCAN 3D™ handheld scanners of new generation have been optimised to meet the needs of product development and engineering professionals on the lookout for the most effective and reliable way to acquire 3D measurements of physical objects.

Solutionix C500

The Solutionix C500 is an industrial 3d scanner optimised for the automatic scanning of small to medium objects. Dual 5.0MP cameras allow for high resolution capture of batch components, with class leading accuracy down to a few microns.

Solutionix C500 Scanner

Leica BLK360

Simple to use with just the single push of one button, the BLK360 is the smallest and lightest of its kind. Anyone who can operate an iPad can now capture the world around them with high resolution 3D panoramic images.

Artec Eva Scanner

Light, fast and versatile, Eva is a very popular scanner and a market leader in handheld 3D scanners. Based on safe-to-use structured light scanning technology, it is an excellent all round solution for capturing objects of almost any kind, including objects with black and shiny surfaces.

Artec 3D Scanner

Einscan SE & SP

EinScan-SE (Elite) & EinScan-SP (Platinum), the next step in the evolution of desktop 3D scanners. The Einscan SE is a powerful companion for educators and individuals. The Einscan SP gives an engineer an enhanced experience by allowing them to scan faster with a higher accuracy. This makes high resolution scanning available to everyone.

Einscan Pro & Pro+

The EinScan-Pro is your best choice for capturing real world data to convert into a digital 3D model. It can be used for consumer and commercial applications in manufacturing, engineering, design, development, testing, artwork archival, animation and even human form acquisition.

Faro Laser Line Probes

The FARO Edge ScanArm HD combines the flexibility and the functionalities of a FARO Edge measuring Arm with the high-definition Laser Line Probe HD creating a powerful contact/non-contact portable measurement system ideal for challenging application requirements.

Romer Absolute Arm with Integrated Scanner

The Romer Absolute Arm with Integrated Scanner is an all-purpose portable measuring arm system designed to meet the needs of almost any measurement application, whether scanning or touch-probing.