Faro Design Arm 1.0

The Design ScanArmFARO® 1.0 is the first Design arm created. It is a portable 3D scanning solution tailored for 3D modeling, reverse engineering, and CAD-based design applications across the product lifecycle management (PLM) process.
By combining FARO’s best-in-class 3D scanning technology with powerful 3D
design and modeling software, the Design ScanArm provides a turnkey solution
that allows users to quickly digitize any part or object, easily design or modify
reverse engineered models, create manufacturing-ready CAD models, and
verify design intent of prototype products.

1.0 Overview

The Design ScanArm is the ideal solution for any organization that may have the need to manufacture parts without existing CAD models, develop aftermarket products that need to fit tightly with existing products, reverse engineer legacy parts for design changes or replacement, create digital libraries to decrease inventory and warehouse costs, design aesthetically pleasing, freeform surfaces, or leverage the power of rapid prototyping.

1.0 Features

High-Resolution Data

Features optically-superior blue laser technology to capture highly-detailed and noise-free scan data.

Rapid Scanning Speed

An extra wide scan stripe and fast frame rate provides expanded laser coverage for fast point cloud capture.

Lightweight and Manoeuvrable

Built for convenient desktop use in the design studio or engineering lab.

No Targets or Spray Required

Advanced software algorithms enable seamless scanning across challenging materials regardless of contrast, reflectivity, or part complexity.

Simple User Interface

Designed for easy operation regardless of skill level or 3D scanning experience.

Hard Probing Capabilities

Utilise both high-resolution 3D scanning and high-precision probing of basic geometry.

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Faro Design Arm 2.0

The Design ScanArmFARO® 2.0 is the latest Design arm. It enables a new level of efficiency with integration of a kinematic intelligent probe system for projects that require contact measurement. This system includes a toolless quick release for fast connect/disconnect and allows operators to quickly transition from contact to non-contact projects without needing to spend any significant additional time and effort to switch out or recalibrate probes.

2.0 Overview

The new Design ScanArmFARO® 2.0 delivers up to 25% improved system accuracy compared to the previous generation. Design and product engineering professionals can now have increased confidence that the real-world design output conforms even more tightly to the look, feel and complex geometry of the source object. Furthermore, productivity is enhanced with the addition of FARO Blu™ Laser Line Probe HD that incorporates advanced blue laser technology and rapid scanning of up to 600,000 points per second.

Users can now bring the scan to the project rather than needing to bring the project to the scan.

2.0 Features

High-Detailed Performance

Features a highly accurate capturing of complex geometric products, objects and prototypes for confident real world data output of computer aided designs.

Rapid Scanning Speed

The FARO Blue Laser Line Probe HD with its extra wide scan stripe and fast frame rate of 600,000 points per second provides expanded laser coverage for fast point cloud capture

Optimal Flexibility

Available in three highly maneuverable arm lengths – 2.5m, 3.5m and 4.0m to ensure perfect usability with the sepcific design applications and objectives

Extreme Portability

Includes dual, hot swappable batteries enabling continuous operation without required external power for additional portability

Lightweight and Usability

Enhanced ergonomics, increased comfort and with a weight of under 10.0 kg(22 lbs.) enables continuous operation for maximum productivity over extended periods

Kinematic iProbing Capability

Quickly connect/disconnect iprobes without recalibrating for any contact measurement routine.

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