How can 3D scanning and printing be helpful for reverse engineering?

Reverse engineering is a powerful way to create digital designs from a physical product or part of a product, and it is a process in which these products/parts are deconstructed to extract design information from them. 3D scanners are capable of measuring very complex parts very quickly and turn them into digital files which can […]

Jaco van Gass and his ambition of joining the British Armed Forces

The Situation South African-born Jaco van Gass came to Britain at the age of 20, to pursue his ambition of joining the British Armed Forces. After completing his training, he joined the Parachute Regiment, and was deployed to Afghanistan. It was during his second tour of the country that he sustained life-changing injuries, losing his […]

3D printed prosthetics: how 3D printing is helping millions of people around the world

3D printing technology can be used in almost every industry in the world and is revolutionizing so many sectors, but this is especially true in the medical field. When prosthetic limbs were first created, they seemed like something that came out of the future or a science fiction film. With technology constantly evolving and changing, […]

Grab a bargain at our used equipment auction

Manchester Metrology has a full range of products now available for bidding at our online auction. Shop products including: – FARO arm gages, laser scanners and trackers – FARO RetroProbe Kits – Romer Absolute Arms – GoScan 50 – Handyscan 700 – Snapmaker 3D Printers – Heavy Duty Tripods – Metrology Accessories To go to […]

CT scanning – What is it and how it works

The ability to scan through a solid object and see what is inside was once thought to be a technology of the future, but this technology is available to us now. For many years, CT scanning (or Computed Tomography) was only available to use in the medical field, but over the last few years it […]

New from Manchester Metrology Ltd is the WENZEL CT scanner, the WENZEL exaCT® M

The new powerful and flexible CT scanner, used for measuring and testing small to medium-sized components. The exaCT® M was built around a workstation-concept. Its compact design with well thought-out ergonomics make it possible for this new CT scanner to combine more power and flexibility with less space requirements. It has an integrated evaluation unit […]

The new open source ventilator design

A team from Smith College, based in Massachusetts, has won the Covent-19 Challenge design contest. The aim of this competition was to create a ventilator that could help with the shortages caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. This ventilator was to be viable and built in a way which would allow it to be deployed quickly. […]

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Latest update

The manufacturing and engineering industries continue to play an essential role in keeping the economy going in the response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Our team is working harder than ever with our customers, networks and suppliers to ensure we deliver an excellent service. Thank you for your continued support, the team at Manchester Metrology appreciates […]

How can 3D scanning help with heritage preservation?

Everyone knows the importance cultural monuments have, and many people’s dream is to travel the word and visit these places. The problem with this is how difficult it is to preserve these monuments, because of time damaging, natural disasters and sometimes even vandalism. Because of the risk of losing these monuments it is important to […]

See Manchester Metrology in the GTMA Suppliers Guide

The GTMA is a UK-based trade association representing leading companies in precision engineering, rapid product development, toolmaking, tooling technologies, metrology and other critical manufacturing related products and services. In issue 13, Supply Chain Solutions, the GTMA has published an editorial about Manchester Metrology and the Snapmaker. You can see it on pages 33 and 34, […]