Manchester Metrology offers Faro Arm or Gage Re-Verification services, in addition to verification of laser trackers and laser scanners. Equipment can be calibrated on site or can be shipped directly to our facility and put in a temperature controlled facility where it will be temperature soaked overnight, ready for a full clean and inspection service with a full 12 month calibration certificate (traceable to National UKAS standards).

Portable CMM Measuring Arms offer versatility, speed and convenience when compared to standard machines by allowing manufacturers to use the measuring devices in various locations both onsite and offsite, removing the need to dismantle parts from the product and transporting them individually. 

Manchester Metrology boasts a large portfolio of CMM Arms, including: Faro Design Arm 1.0 & 2.0, Faro Gage, Faro Prime, Faro Edge Arm, Faro Platinum, Quantum & Fusion, Faro Quantum S Arm, Faro Quantum M Arm and Romer Absolute Arm. Our team of engineers are experienced in a range of brands and models, making us the expert choice for CMM arm and gage re-verification services.   

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