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Manchester Metrology has created a new corporate video. It shows the range of Inspection Services that we offer to a variety of industries. We offer scanning, reverse engineering, cmm inspection services and heavily invest in new technology. View the video to see our portable inspection equipment in action.

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3D Printing capabilities exceed Colin McAndry’s expectations

Sports bikes like Fireblades are challenging to ride on the road due the riding position being designed primarily for racing. This was in issue for Colin as it resulted in him having a lot of weight put on his hands. Combined with vibration and road impacts it became a regular occurrence for Colin to be […]

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How can 3D scanning and printing be helpful for reverse engineering?

Reverse engineering is a powerful way to create digital designs from a physical product or part of a product, and it is a process in which these products/parts are deconstructed to extract design information from them. 3D scanners are capable of measuring very complex parts very quickly and turn them into digital files which can […]