3D Scanning in the medical sector

The use of 3D scanning in the medical sector has only just become a widespread practice over the last few years yet its impact on patient care has been profound. These innovative devices deliver unrivalled capabilities in patient diagnosis and treatment by capturing accurate 3D measurements of the human body quickly and hassle-free. Due to the highly accurate measurements provided, patients can be properly diagnosed much earlier and receive medical products that are customised to fill their unique needs.

The use of 3D scanning in the medical sector has arguably had its greatest impact on cases when contact with the patient’s body is not possible i.e. fragile injuries. Contact remains on one of the most common methods for delivering a diagnosis therefore for cases when this is not possible, arriving at a true diagnosis can be extremely difficult. The arrival of 3D scanning has however made the treatment of vulnerable patients much easier and more accessible. With the use of non-contact scanners, medical practitioners are now able to capture measurements of a patient’s body without any form contact. This now means that patients with the most fragile of injuries can finally be diagnosed accurately and offered effective treatments that are custom to their requirements.

The use of 3D scanning has been seen to span across the entire spectrum of the medical sector. In the dental care for example, 3D scanning devices have proven useful for designing common applications such as: metal braces, mouth of teeth guards and retainers. Due to the accuracy of the scanners, these applications can be tailored to each patient to ensure effortless fitting and maximum comfort.

Even for the most severe of cases, 3D scanners have been revolutionary for patient care in hospitals. The capabilities of the most advanced scanners have opened a whole new world of opportunity for the treatment of patients that have undergone amputation. For those that require prosthetics or artificial limbs as a result of their injuries, 3D scanners can be used so that every requirement is measured with pin-point accuracy during the design phase. In addition to this, these innovative appliances are also being used to develop specially designed facemasks that can help treat patients with differing types of facial burns.

Manchester Metrology Ltd is a leading supplier of metrology equipment including 3D scanners and 3D trackers. Stocking the latest innovations in the industry, Manchester Metrology offers major metrology scanners including the Einscan Pro, the Romer Absolute Arm and FARO scanners such as the FARO Arm and FARO Edge.

In addition to metrology equipment available for hire or purchase, Manchester Metrology provides training for a range of common metrology software packages. The team of experts deliver hands-on training courses for software including Geomagic, Polyworks, CAM2 measure 10 and Delcam PowerInspect. With after-purchase services also including FARO Arm and Laster Tracker inspections as well as Portable Arm and CMM reverification, Manchester Metrology are the benchmark metrology company for customer support and service.

If you like to speak to a member of the metrology team about any of our products, contact us here or call us on 0161 637 8744.

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