The use of 3D scanning in Industry

From prototyping to quality assurance, the use of 3D scanning has become an integral part of the manufacturing process. As models continue to become more advanced, the influence of 3D scanners on various industries is noticeably increasing as entire processes change to incorporate these extraordinary devices. This article is going to look at some examples of the use of 3D scanning across multiple industries, starting with prototype design:

Prototype design

With the use of a 3D scanner, designers can convert a physical object on a scanning pad into a digitalised model on their screen in just a matter of seconds. A number of 3D scanners on the market today also have the capability to rotate the object to scan at a 15-deg tilt. Once the object has been scanned, it can be edited and 3D-printed to create a physical product.

Digital Tailoring

There’s a myriad of reasons to scan the human body, and some have nothing to do with the healthcare industry. Clothing manufacturing companies for example have been known to utilise 3D scanning over the years. Companies such as Nike and Cornell have teamed up in the past to test the fitting of T-shirts and shorts by scanning participants in the clothing and then filling out a survey. Such tests enable Cornell to meet their made-to-measure research that focuses on the growing trend of customisable apparel.

Quality Insurance

3D scanners allow for the analysis of height, roughness, curvature and warpage. A circuit board manufacturer for example would find this particularly useful as 3D scanners can allow for batch analyses to be performed with multiple samples simultaneously, all whilst under the same conditions. With this, the data can be compared with CAD data to quantify surface shape variances.

Crime Scenes

Moving away from manufacturing, the use of 3D scanners in criminal investigations is increasing with devices allowing for detailed models of crime scenes, car crashes, footprints and fingerprints to be created and analysed. This innovation is also being used by police departments to create architectural models of buildings, allowing teams to plan building raids using a visual and accurate model. The models created by the metrology equipment have also been presented in court rooms across the world, allowing juries the opportunity to visualise a crime scene when making decisions surrounding a case.

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