Manchester Metrology Return from PolyWorks Conference

The PolyWorks Metrology Conference at the AMTC Centre in Coventry on May 14th marked another successful event for Manchester Metrology. The conference was well attended by leading industry companies from across the UK, with all benefiting from a number of presentations and independent speakers that provided valuable insights into the latest features and various applications of PolyWorks. The great turnout gave Manchester Metrology the perfect platform to showcase the CyberGage®360, a high-precision accuracy scanner with MRS technology.

Take a look at how the day unfolded here. 

Manchester Metrology is an industry-leading metrology company offering an extensive choice of metrology equipment for hire. Manchester Metrology supplies a wide range of 3D trackers and 3D laser scanners, including FARO technologies: FARO Arm, FARO Edge, FARO Focus and Focus Gage. For support and advice post-purchase, the highly skilled engineers at Manchester Metrology provides FARO arm training and calibration services to ensure consumers get the best of their metrology equipment.

In addition to equipment hire, Manchester Metrology also offers a range of used metrology equipment for sale that can be accompanied with the latest software and training if necessary. To find out more about Manchester Metrology’s equipment range and services call 0161 637 8744 or click here. Manchester Metrology also accepts demo requests for any of their metrology equipment, these can made here.

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