The future is bright for 3D scanning

It may be in its infancy, but the 3D scanning market is growing at a tremendous rate and according to recent research, is expected to close in on a worth of $6 billion by the end of 2020. Much of this progression is the result of advancements in technology in manufacturing and quality assurance and the growing use of 3D scanners in more industries. Scanning offers the benefit of lower manufacturing costs whilst maintaining high-quality output. It is this combination that has made 3D scanners a priority investment for so many businesses in recent years, and this trend is only expected to continue. It is no surprise that 3D scanning has become such an attractive proposition for manufacturing businesses when it is anticipated that the technology will eventually reduce the cost of manufacturing processes by 75%! Evidence of this shift is no more apparent than in design industries. 

3D scanning is extremely useful during the beginning of the design phase where an object is scanned and converted to a CAD file. The ability to create 3D models greatly improves the accuracy of a design and thus, reduces the changes of a rework. Not only this, scanning using CAD software allows outdated models to be re-designed and re-built with relative ease. It is no surprise then that 3D scanning made its name in industries where design is such a focal point of business. Indeed, much of its early growth materialised in these industries and crucially, there is no sign of this stopping even in years to come. Design is still regarded as the main driver for this monumental growth we see today and still, there is more expected. 

There is no doubt that whilst it is still in its early stages, the 3D scanning market has a very bright future ahead. Not only are more industries turning to scanning for manufacturing and quality purposes, but the constant advancements in technology will continue to improve its effectiveness and adaptably in new and existing industries. 

Manchester Metrology is an industry-leading metrology company offering an extensive choice of metrology equipment for hire. Manchester Metrology supplies a wide range of 3D trackers and 3D laser scanners, including FARO technologies: FARO Arm, FARO Edge, FARO Focus and Focus Gage. For support and advice post-purchase, the highly skilled engineers at Manchester Metrology provides FARO arm training and calibration services to ensure consumers get the best of their metrology equipment. New to the Manchester Metrology product range is the Creaform HandySCAN, a new generation of handheld scanners that have been optimised to meet the needs of product development and engineering professionals on the lookout for the most effective and reliable way to acquire 3D measurements of physical objects.

In addition to equipment hire, Manchester Metrology also offers a range of used metrology equipment for sale that can be accompanied with the latest software and training if necessary. To find out more about Manchester Metrology’s equipment range and services call 0161 637 8744 or click here.Manchester Metrology also accepts demo requests for any of their metrology equipment, these can made here.

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