How 3D technology can benefit the construction industry

The construction industry is often seen as a slow adopter of new technology, so firms that do adopt and invest in this are often doing better in the industry compared to their competition. Because of this, engineering firms and construction professionals are recognizing the benefits of advanced technologies like 3D laser scanning which can help them build faster and cheaper projects.

Projects in the construction industry usually involve surveying very large sites and this can be a difficult process using traditional surveying methods. They can be very time consuming and cost ineffective which causes challenges to the projects.

So, in what ways can 3D technology help the construction industry:

-It is faster, more accurate and consistent – by being able to collect data at one million points per second (which are invisible to the human eye), 3D laser scanning is the quickest and most accurate way to collect data. It makes possible to provide real life-like imagines of a piece of land, a location or an existing building to make well-informed calculations and designs.

-Easier to share information – because the data is now being scanned this makes it easier for it to be shared between companies. Architects, engineers and construction firms will all have access to the data allowing them to work together. Projects always have multiple teams collaborating and working on it at once, and so some of the tasks assigned to each team are interlinked with the other teams. Because of this, it is very important that everyone is aware of any changes or updates made.

-Improved planning and design – Because data is now so much more accurate, measurable and shareable, it becomes valuable for design. 3D scanning can document existing features inside facilities that have already been built to help reduce conflict between new and existing elements during facility upgrade projects, or to test alternative designs before constructing. It can also help improve planning by providing exact measurements for demolition and removal of components. It allows the team to remotely view and evaluate facilities, reducing the number of people exposed to potentially hazardous working conditions.

-Improvement on safety – because it is a remote process, 3D laser scanning can be used to reduce a team’s exposure to harmful environments making this process much safer than traditional methods (manual data capture methods). This is extra important if the site the team is working is a nuclear site, for example.

-Value for money – 3D scanning is usually pricier than traditional surveying methods, but in most cases it is worth it. 3D scanning can provide a better level of detail, safety and save the team time. The scanning can take as little as a few hours (depending on the scale of the project it can take up to a few days), as compared to using traditional survey methods which can take up to several weeks.

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