An Interview with MD Paul Bulman for Manchester Metrology’s 10th Anniversary

Manchester Metrology is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, so we’ve sat down with Managing Director and Founder Paul Bulman to find out what has contributed to Manchester Metrology’s success.

Q. Paul, congratulations on celebrating 10 years of Manchester Metrology and your new premises! What are the key factors that have contributed to your growth and sustainability?

A. ”It’s been a real team effort. Everyone in the Company has played their part. We have employed staff from the local community and invested in training to provide opportunities for the younger generation to enhance their skill level and introduce them to new and exciting roles within the metrology sector. There is a definite shortage of skilled metrologists and we have taken it upon ourselves to invest in the right training to ensure our workforce has the knowledge and skill to represent the company and maintain our strong reputation.”

Q. Manchester Metrology has a reputation of innovation, design and quality, how important do you view these attributes in the company’s success?

A. ”They are all key to our success. We are always striving for innovation and we have recently invested into the latest metrology equipment including the Aberlink Xtreme CNC CMM and Cybergage. We understand the importance of developing the engineering sector and we offer training courses to help develop and strengthen the skills of our engineering team and develop their passion for metrology.”

Q. In your opinion how important is it to work closely with and listen to your customers?

A. ”There is no other way! I firmly believe in the statement: “ The closer you get to your customer, the further you get from the competition”. Customer relations and excellent customer service are paramount. We are always looking for innovative ways to engage with our customers and exceed their expectations.”

Q. What makes Manchester Metrology unique?

A. ”We are unique in offering a wide range of metrology software training. Understanding the ever-changing market, we offer a range of used products that have been refurbished to the original manufacturer’s specifications. This allows our metrology equipment to be affordable for all budgets.”

Q. Finally, Paul, if you were to sum up your experience in one word at Manchester Metrology since its inception in 2008, what would that be?

A. ”No, with respect I need more than one word! Exhilarating, challenging, rewarding and giving me, and I’m sure everyone that works at Manchester Metrology, an immense sense of pride.”