PEEL 3D Peel 2

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Peel 3d™ is professional-grade handheld 3D scanning in its purest form. It has no useless gadgets to make it seem more interesting or appealing. It simply lets you make high-quality 3D scans of small or large objects while keeping your project on a budget. It can scan most items directly without any preparation as it recognizes the shape of objects automatically. Trying to scan something very smooth? No problem! This 3D scanner can also use stick-on markers to let you scan the flattest surfaces.

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SYS-P3D-PEE2 peel2 3D scanner in foam insert with 18v auto-switching power supply, international plug adaptors, Calibration plate,4m USB/power cable, Qty 2 x 500 targets, US software key and QuickStart guide.
OPP-P3D-COL Colour option
MNT-P3D-FIRPEE 2 Customer Care Plan -peel3d – 1st year warranty which includes repair, parts & labour, outbound shipping from peel 3d’s Customer Support Centre back to customer’s location after repair. Warranty does not cover abuse, misuse or damage caused by connection to unapproved systems or power supplies First response delay: 72 hours (24/5 support)
MNT-P3DPEELUNL Customer Care Plan -peel 3d – unlimited license and lifetime software upgrades

The Peel 3D has no problem handling a variety of surfaces and materials.

A few of these include :
Metal Castings
Clay Models
Ceramic and Porcelain
Painted Parts
Stone and Masonry
Fabric and Leather
Human Form
Organic Shapes


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