REFLECON® tarnish-30-HC

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Technical Specification Sheet

1L plastic can

3D scanning agent – 100% free of Cyclododecane
Volatile matting agent for optical 3D laser measurement

Suitability for lacquer coatings and plastics: limited
Solvent based
Odour reduced
Excellent wetting characteristic on the surfaces mentioned
Creates homogeneous, smooth, fine dispersed, white powder layer for a precise measurement

Homogeneity: very good
Powder layer is sublimating and evaporates residue-free

Sublimation time: middle
No post-cleaning of the parts or surfaces needed

Contrast: high
No dust residue while spraying, saving the fan of the laser equipment
Very good adhesion and removability of marker points on layer of matting agent at average layer thickness

Storage temperature:

Minimum shelf life:
4 years, stored at storage temperature

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REFLECON® tarnish Scanningspray has been developed to dull reflecting, mirroring, transparent or dark surfaces for the 3D optical measurement technique (known as laser scanning).

3D laser scan allows a quick and exact non-contact measurement of complex geometrics. For an optimal measurement of reflecting, mirroring, transparent or dark surfaces a Scanningspray is applied before.


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